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Simon Miller And Elizabeth Cooper

In the following month of July, received the crown of martyrdom. Miller
dwelt at Lynn, and came to Norwich, where, planting himself at the door
of one of the churches, as the people came out, he requested to know of
them where he could go to receive the communion. For this a priest
brought him before Dr. Dunning, who committed him to ward; but he was
suffered to go home, and arrange his affairs; after which he returned to
the bishop's house, and to his prison, where he remained till the 13th
of July, the day of his burning.

Elizabeth Cooper, wife of a pewterer, of St. Andrews, Norwich, had
recanted; but, tortured for what she had done by the worm which dieth
not, she shortly after voluntarily entered her parish church during the
time of the popish service, and standing up, audibly proclaimed that she
revoked her former recantation, and cautioned the people to avoid her
unworthy example. She was taken from her own house by Mr. Sutton the
sheriff, who very reluctantly complied with the letter of the law, as
they had been servants and in friendship together. At the stake, the
poor sufferer, feeling the fire, uttered the cry of Oh! upon which Mr.
Miller, putting his hand behind him towards her, desired her to be of
good courage, "for (said he) good sister, we shall have a joyful and a
sweet supper." Encouraged by this example and exhortation, she stood the
fiery ordeal without flinching, and, with him, proved the power of faith
over the flesh.

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