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The Persecution Of Dr Aegidio

Dr. AEgidio was educated at the university of Alcala, where he took his
several degrees, and particularly applied himself to the study of the
sacred scriptures and school divinity. The professor of theology dying,
he was elected into his place, and acted so much to the satisfaction of
every one, that his reputation for learning and piety was circulated
throughout Europe.

AEgidio, however, had his enemies, and these laid a complaint against him
to the inquisitors, who sent him a citation, and when he appeared to it,
cast him into a dungeon.

As the greatest part of those who belonged to the cathedral church at
Seville, and many persons belonging to the bishopric of Dortois highly
approved of the doctrines of AEgidio, which they thought perfectly
consonant with true religion, they petitioned the emperor in his behalf.
Though the monarch had been educated a Roman catholic, he had too much
sense to be a bigot, and therefore sent an immediate order for his

He soon after visited the church of Valladolid, did every thing he could
to promote the cause of religion, and returning home he soon after fell
sick, and died in an extreme old age.

The inquisitors having been disappointed of gratifying their malice
against him while living, determined (as the emperor's whole thoughts
were engrossed by a military expedition) to wreak their vengeance on him
when dead. Therefore, soon after he was buried, they ordered his remains
to be dug out of the grave; and a legal process being carried on, they
were condemned to be burnt, which was executed accordingly.

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