Rev T Whittle B Green T Brown J Tudson J Ent Isabel Tooster And Joan Lashford

These seven persons were summoned before Bonner's consistory, and the

articles of the Romish church tendered for their approbation. Their

refusal subjected them to the sentence of condemnation, and on January

27, 1556, they underwent the dreadful sentence of blood in Smithfield.

Mr. Bartlet Green was condemned the next day.

Mr. Thomas Brown, born at Histon, Ely, but afterward of St. Bride's,

London, was presented by the parish constable to Bonner, for absenting

himself from church. This faithful soldier of Christ suffered on the

same day with the preceding.

Mr. John Tudson, of Ipswich by birth, was apprenticed in London to a Mr.

Goodyear, of St. Mary Botolph. He was condemned January 15, 1556, and

consigned to the secular power, which completed the fiery tyranny of the

law, January 27, to the glory of God, and the immortal salvation of the

meek sufferer.

Subsequently, John Hunt, Isabella Forster, and Joan Warne, were

condemned and executed.