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List of Martyrs

Find a list of all Martyrs, articles and other information while you gain an understanding of their place in history.

James The Great
James The Less
St Mark
St Stephen
A Conspiracy By The Papists For The Destruction Of James I The Royal Family And Both Houses Of Parliament; Commonly Known By The Name Of The Gunpowder Plot
A Narrative Of The Piedmontese War
Account Of The Persecutions In The Valleys Of Piedmont
Account Of The Scenes At Ava During The War
Agency Of Calvin In The Death Of Michael Servetus
Agnes Potten And Joan Trunchfield
Alexander Gouch And Alice Driver
An Account Of Several Remarkable Individuals Who Were Martyred In Different Parts Of Italy On Account Of Their Religion
An Account Of The Cruel Handling And Burning Of Nicholas Burton An English Merchant In Spain
An Account Of The Inquisition
An Account Of The Life And Sufferings Of Mr William Lithgow A Native Of Scotland
An Account Of The Life Sufferings And Death Of Mr George Wishart Who Was Strangled And Afterward Burned In Scotland For Professing The Truth Of The Gospel
An Account Of The Persecution In Italy Under The Papacy
An Account Of The Persecution In Scotland During The Reign Of King Henry Viii
An Account Of The Persecution Of Friends Commonly Called Quakers In The United States
An Account Of The Persecutions Against The Christians In Abyssinia Or Ethiopia
An Account Of The Persecutions Against The Christians In Turkey
An Account Of The Persecutions In Bohemia Under The Papacy
An Account Of The Persecutions In China And Several Other Countries
An Account Of The Persecutions In Great Britain And Ireland Prior To The Reign Of Queen Mary I
An Account Of The Persecutions In Japan
An Account Of The Persecutions In Lithuania And Poland
An Account Of The Persecutions In Spanish America
An Account Of The Persecutions In The Marquisate Of Saluces
An Account Of The Persecutions In The Netherlands
An Account Of The Persecutions In The States Of Barbary
An Account Of The Persecutions In The Valleys Of Piedmont In The Seventeenth Century
An Account Of The Persecutions In Venice
An Account Of The Persecutions Of Calabria
An Account Of The Persecutions Of Michael De Molinos A Native Of Spain
An Act Made At A General Court Held At Boston The 20th Of October 1658
Apprehensions At Islington
Archbishop Cranmer
Arrival Of The Austrians At Nismes
Asaad Is Cruelly Treated
Asaad Shidiak
Asaad's Letter To His Brother Phares
At A General Court Held At Boston The 14th Of October 1656
At A General Court Held At Boston The 14th Of October 1657
Attack Upon The Protestant Churches
Attempts Made To Procure His Release
Biographical Notices Of Asaad Shidiak
Bishop Ridley And Bishop Latimer
Brief History Of Asaad Esh Shidiak From The Time Of His Being Betrayed Into The Hands Of The Maronite Patriarch In The Spring Of 1826
Calvin As A Friend Of Civil Liberty
Case Of Rev John Smith
Connexion With Mr Bird
Connexion With Mr King
Conversation Of Phares With The Bishop Of Beyroot
Correspondence With His Family
Croly On The Inquisition
Cuthbert Symson
Death Of Louis Xvi And Other Members Of The Royal Family
Deliverance Of Dr Sands
Dirick Carver And John Launder
Dr Robert Farrar
Dreadful Scenes In La Vendee
Errors Rites Ceremonies And Superstitious Practices Of The Romish Church
Escapes And Returns To Beyroot
Execution Of Ten Martyrs At Lewes
Executions At Colchester
Executions At Islington
Executions At Stratford-le-bow
Executions In Kent
Fall Of Danton Robespierre Marat And Other Jacobins
Farther Account Of The Proceedings Of The Catholics At Nismes
Flagellations By Bonner
From The Revocation Of The Edict Of Nantes To The French Revolution In 1789
Further Persecutions In The Valleys Of Piedmont In The Seventeenth Century
G Catmer R Streater A Burward G Brodbridge And J Tutty
General Persecutions In Germany
God's Punishments Upon Some Of The Persecutors Of His People In Mary's Reign
Great Difficulties In The Way Of Asaad's Release
His Early History
His Family Attempt His Liberation
His Relatives Deliver Him Up To The Patriarch
His Return To Mr Bird
History Of Christian Martyrs To The First General Persecution Under Nero
Holland Even Now I Told You That Your Authority Was From God And By
Hugh Laverick And John Aprice
Interference Of Government Against The Protestants
Interference Of The British Government
Interview With A Younger Brother
Interview With Several Of His Relatives
Is Forcibly Detained
Is Visited By His Mother
Jerom Of Prague
Joan Waste
John Calvin
John Denley Gent John Newman And Patrick Packingham
John Huss
John Lomas Agnes Snoth Anne Wright Joan Sole And Joan Catmer
John Rogers Vicar Of St Sepulchre's And Reader Of St Paul's London
John Simpson And John Ardeley
John Wickliffe
Letter From Asaad To Mr Bird
Letters From Louvois To Marillac
Martin Luther
Martyrdom Of John Calas
Martyrdom Of Tomkins Pygot Knight Lawrence Hunter And Higbed
Massacre And Pillage At Nismes
Massacre Of Prisoners
Monstrous Outrage Upon Females
Mr John Philpot
Mr John Webb George Roper And Gregory Parker
Mr William Flower
Mrs Cicely Ormes
Mrs Joyce Lewes
Mrs Prest
Murder Of General La Garde
Napoleon's Return From The Isle Of Elba
Nicholas Hall And Christopher Waid
Outrages Committed In The Villages &c
Papal Persecutions
Perjury In The Case Of General Gilly &c
Persecution In The Pays De Vaud
Persecution Of The Christians By The Goths And Vandals
Persecution Of The Waldenses In France
Persecution Of The Wesleyan Missionaries In The West Indies
Persecution Under Julian The Apostate
Persecutions And Oppressions In Georgia And Mingrelia
Persecutions At Port Au Prince
Persecutions From About The Middle Of The Fifth To The Conclusion Of The Seventh Century
Persecutions From The Early Part Of The Eighth To Near The Conclusion Of The Tenth Century
Persecutions In England During The Reign Of Queen Mary
Persecutions In Switzerland From 1813 To 1830
Persecutions In The Diocess Of Canterbury
Persecutions In The Eleventh Century
Persecutions Of The Albigenses
Persecutions Of The Christians In Persia
Persecutions Of The French Protestants In The South Of France During The Years 1814 And 1820
Persecutions Of The Wesleyan Methodists In St Domingo
Persecutions Under The Arian Heretics
Petition Of The Protestant Refugees
Preservation Of George Crow And His Testament
Progress Of His Opinions
Public Statement Of Asaad Shidiak
Queen Mary's Treatment Of Her Sister The Princess Elizabeth
R Bernard A Foster And R Lawson
Rawlins White
Removal Of The Prisoners To Oung-pen-la Mrs Judson Follows Them
Rev John Bland Rev John Frankesh Nicholas Shetterden And Humphrey Middleton
Rev John Bradford And John Leaf An Apprentice
Rev John Rough
Rev Julius Palmer
Rev Richard Yeoman
Rev T Whittle B Green T Brown J Tudson J Ent Isabel Tooster And Joan Lashford
Richard Sharpe Thomas Banion And Thomas Hale
Rise And Progress Of The Protestant Religion In Ireland; With An Account Of The Barbarous Massacre Of 1641
Royal Decree In Favour Of The Persecuted
Scenes At Marseilles And Lyons
Simon Miller And Elizabeth Cooper
Sketch Of The French Revolution Of 1789 As Connected With The History Of Persecution
Sketches Of The Lives Of Some Of The Most Eminent Reformers
Suspects Himself To Have Been Poisoned
T Loseby H Ramsey T Thirtell Margaret Hide And Agnes Stanley
The Arrival Of King Louis Xviii At Paris
The Bartholomew Massacre At Paris &c
The Catholic Arms At Beaucaire
The Eighth Persecution Under Valerian A D 257
The Fifth Persecution Commencing With Severus A D 192
The First Persecution Under Nero A D 67
The Fourth Persecution Under Marcus Aurelius Antoninus A D 162
The History Imprisonment And Examinations Of Mr John Hooper Bishop Of Worcester And Gloucester
The History Of The Silver Child
The Installation Of The Goddess Of Reason
The Life And Conduct Of Dr Rowland Taylor Of Hadley
The Life Of The Rev John Fox
The Life Of William Gardiner
The Ninth Persecution Under Aurelian A D 274
The Persecution Of Dr Aegidio
The Persecution Of Dr Constantine
The Rev John Cardmaker And John Warne
The Rev Mr George Marsh
The Rev Mr Lawrence Saunders
The Rev Robert Samuel
The Rise Progress Persecutions And Sufferings Of The Quakers
The Second Persecution Under Domitian A D 81
The Seventh Persecution Under Decius A D 249
The Sixth Persecution Under Maximinus A D 235
The Spanish Armada
The Tenth Persecution Under Diocletian A D 303
The Third Persecution Under Trajan A D 108
The Words And Behaviour Of The Lady Jane Upon The Scaffold
Their Violence And The Consequent Proceedings Of Phares Shidiak
Thomas Benbridge
Thomas Haukes Thomas Watts Thomas Osmond William Bamford And Nicholas Chamberlain
Thomas Hudson Thomas Carman And William Seamen
Ultimate Resolution Of The Protestants At Nismes
Visits His Relations
Visits His Relatives At Hadet
Visits The Patriarch
W Coker W Hooper H Laurence R Colliar R Wright And W Stere
William Fetty Scourged To Death