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Alexander Gouch And Alice Driver

These godly persons were apprehended by Mr. Noone, a justice in Suffolk.

They were brought to the stake at seven o'clock in the morning,
notwithstanding they had come from Melton jail, six miles off. The
sheriff, Sir Henry Dowell, was much dissatisfied with the time they took
in prayer, and sent one of his men to bid them make an end. Gouch
earnestly entreated for a little time, urging that they had but a little
while to live: but the sheriff would grant no indulgence, and ordered
the numerous friends who came to take the last farewell of them as they
stood chained to the stake, to be forcibly torn away, and threatened
them with arrest; but the indignation of the spectators made him revoke
this order. They endured the terrific conflagration, and honoured God
equally in their lives and deaths.

In the same month were executed at Bury, P. Humphrey, and J. and H.
David, brothers. Sir Clement Higham, about a fortnight before the
queen's death, issued out a warrant for their sacrifice, notwithstanding
the queen's illness at that time rendered her incapable of signing the
order for their execution.

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