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Rev John Bland Rev John Frankesh Nicholas Shetterden And Humphrey Middleton

These Christian persons were all burnt at Canterbury for the same cause.
Frankesh and Bland were ministers and preachers of the word of God, the
one being parson of Adesham, and the other vicar of Rolvindon. Mr. Bland
was cited to answer for his opposition to antichristianism, and
underwent several examinations before Dr. Harpsfield, archdeacon of
Canterbury, and finally on the 25th of June, 1555, again withstanding
the power of the pope, he was condemned, and delivered to the secular
arm. On the same day were condemned, John Frankesh, Nicholas Shetterden,
Humphrey Middleton, Thacker, and Cocker, of whom Thacker only recanted.

Being delivered to the secular power, Mr. Bland, with the three former,
were all burnt together at Canterbury, July 12, 1555, at two several
stakes, but in one fire, when they, in the sight of God and his angels,
and before men, like true soldiers of Jesus Christ, gave a constant
testimony to the truth of his holy gospel.

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